White Lace Touch Lamp Wax Melt Warmer + 2 Sample Melt Packs + Spare Globe

White Lace Touch Lamp Wax Melt Warmer + 2 Sample Melt Packs + Spare Globe

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These electric Touch Lamp Wax Melt Warmers are a beautiful addition to your decor, mesmerising to look at and are a great safe alternative for fragrancing your home without the worry of a naked flame. It comes with everything you need to get started, including 2 Sample Melt Packs of your choice and a spare globe.  

If you need help choosing a fragrance, head to the fragrances page to read more about each scent or choose 'surprise me' if you would like us to choose for you.

Simply add a wax melt to the glass dish and gently tap the base or collar to turn the lamp on to one of the three light settings you desire. The halogen globe heats the wax melt perfectly to fill your room with a delicious aroma.

Replacement globes are available through our store here.


Lamp Settings: 3 light/heat settings - low, medium and high.

Product Dimensions: 9.5cm W x 17.7cm H

Light Globe: correct Melt Warmer Touch Lamp halogen globes only are to be used. Using an incorrect globe could damage the unit and void the warranty. Replacement globes are available here.

Glass Dish: is removable for easy cleaning and safe disposal of used wax.