About Our Products

"We believe in choice and thoughtfully handcrafting every customised product or gift that truly reflects the recipient's personality and style."

Handcrafted With Love + Personalised For You

At Gladys & Jack, we love to individually customise each and every product for our customers, keeping them in mind while thoughtfully crafting their personalised product that suits them or their loved one.

We believe it’s important to give the creative direction and choice to our customers. Letting them take the reigns of the design process also ensures we can help satisfy every beautiful and unique taste - thoughtfully crafting them a product which not only fills their home with their favourite aromas, but also suits their personal style and décor.

It is essential to us the recipients of our customers’ gifts feel the love that has gone into every thoughtful creation, making them feel special and ensure you have peace of mind.

High Quality + Long Lasting

"Above all, at Gladys & Jack we value producing high-quality products, with premium ingredients that have a strong, long-lasting scent throw so you can enjoy your favourite fragrances for longer."

Everyone loves to find that perfect fragrance product for their home or body, but there’s nothing worse than having the aroma fade to nothing within a matter of days. After trying (and failing) to find scented products that would go the distance, that we could design and purchase online; we decided to create them ourselves!

Australian Made + Owned

Across our range of diffusers, fragrance sprays, body wash, hand wash, and perfumes we use only premium ingredients, sourced from local Australian suppliers that are cruelty-free.

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